Hailing from Sydney, Australia where we both worked as creatives in the fashion industry. Matt styling and colouring hair, working runway shows and editorials and Ray – as a creative director and photographer for labels and magazines.

Our work took us far and beyond Australia which combined both our loves of work and travel. When we met (a few years ago now) – we had quite the ‘light bulb moment’ when we both realised that we wanted to travel full-time. And so, ROGUE PASSPORT was born.

As full-time travellers, adventurers and content creators, we are now based throughout South East Asia, where we have the privilege to work alongside some of the most passionate, talented and supportive people in the industry.

ROGUE PASSPORT’S vision and mission is for us to showcase some of the world’s most memorable destinations, both known and undiscovered. To experience exciting new cultures whilst remaining respectful of our impact on the local communities and planet along the journey – in the hope to inspire you to do the same.

I guess you can say that this is now our life’s work. x

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